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nPOD Presents at 2013 ADA Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL

Dr. Alberto Pugliese gave a great talk at this year ADA annual meeting, titled New Insights to Human Type 1 Diabetes from nPOD. If you missed his talk in Chicago and would like to review the presentation, please click and downland the PDF file.

New Insights to Human Type 1 Diabetes from nPOD

  • A tissue bank
  • A data cloud resource
  • An open, collaborative research project focused on key questions about human diabetes


  • Obtain tissues from organ donors with T1D (diagnosed or sub-clinical)
  • Distribute tissues to research projects (>100 since 2007)
  • Promote tissue and data sharing, collaboration, manage project interactions
  • Promote a comprehensive understanding of human T1D and identify new therapeutic targets

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