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Welcome new nPOD Investigator Coordinator, Dr. Mingder Yang

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Welcome to Mingder Yang, Ph.D. as the new nPOD Investigator Relations Coordinator! Dr. Yang received a Master’s Degree in Bacteriology and a PhD. in Animal Nutrition and Immunology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before joining nPOD, he co-led a start-up biotechnology company, commercializing a patented antibody technology he co-invented. As a Chief Science Officer and Vice President of Research & Development, he directed research projects; collaborated with third parties (private and public entities) for product trials; strategized company intellectual properties protection; negotiated licensing agreements; provided technical sales and customer support; and represented the company at various conferences and trade shows.


Together with his post-doctoral lab management experiences, Dr. Yang is skilled in research administration. He also has had extensive international business experience in Asia, Latin America, and Europe which equipped him to be culturally sensitive and knowledgeable in legal compliance and regulations. Mingder can be reached at or by phone at 352-273-9296.

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