Helmsley Charitable Trust George S. Eisenbarth nPOD Award for Team Science

The Helmsley Charitable Trust George S. Eisenbarth nPOD Award for Team Science was instituted in 2014. Funds from this award are dedicated to support the research activities of nPOD investigators to catalyze progress in critical areas of T1D. It is critical to provide pilot funds to investigators who approach nPOD with novel ideas but have limited funding and to attract investigators that can perform studies not currently covered by existing projects. Such funding for new studies will help address questions that we recognize as important yet are not currently being pursued. We believe new findings generated from such efforts could then garner independent funding and can also be integrated in nPOD working groups.

We accept applications at any time. You can apply using the Investigator Application. Applicants should indicate at the time of submission whether they would like to be considered for pilot funding. Up to $50,000 may be requested for a pilot study. Funding decisions are made by the nPOD Tissue Prioritization Committee and the Helmsley Charitable Trust. While fully explained in the application form, criteria for consideration are:

  • Conceptual innovation
  • Methodological innovation
  • Lack of dedicated funding
  • Relevance to nPOD main research themes/working groups

Funded pilot projects are required to submit a final report upon completion of research, deposit data in DataShare, and acknowledge support in publications and presentations.