The Resource Identification Portal 

The Resource Identification Portal promotes research resource identification, discovery, and reuse. The Resource Identification Portal is a central location where researchers can obtain and explore Research Resource Identifiers (RRIDs). RRIDs are unique identifiers for referencing a source for research in the manuscripts, and are based on public information that is not personally identifiable. RRIDs are used to link readers to nPOD resources, and they also enable search engines to return all published papers in which a particular nPOD case was used, and identify BioSamples unambiguously. Thus, using RRID numbers as additional identifiers for original nPOD case IDs ensures producibility of methods and data integration between many nPOD studies.

How to Search for nPOD RRIDs

The RRID for each nPOD case begins with “SAMN”. The RRID portal also contains the original nPOD case number for each sample, the sex of the donor, the category of tissue, and additional comments.

In order to add RRIDs for nPOD Cases to your manuscript please follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the RRID PORTAL.

2. Search for the nPOD Case ID.

3. Find the RRID.

4. Paste the RRID into your paper along with traditional nPOD Case ID.



For any RRID related questions, please contact