T1D Exchange is a nonprofit, research organization dedicated to accelerating therapies and improving care for people living with type 1 diabetes. Since 2012, The T1D Exchange biobank has collected and stored samples from 2,200 unique participants with T1D.  Investigators can now browse and request available biospecimens and associated data via a web-based portal.

Samples were collected through clinical studies and are matched with clinical, demographic and study-derived data. Types of samples collected from each study include: plasma, serum, PBMCs, DNA, and Tempus tubes for downstream RNA extraction. With the exception of DNA, serial samples were collected for each sample type.

Searchable data on the portal includes participant:

  • Demographics
  • Phenotype & genotype data
  • Disease management methods
  • Associated analytic data
  • Coded biospecimen availability

Using the portal, researchers can save their searches, comparison shop, submit a request for samples and track sample movement through shipment date.

Access T1D Biobank Portal