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Sally Kent and Alberto Pugliese initiated and hosted the T1D BBQ (Big Burning Questions) webinar for the nPOD Autoimmunity T Cell Working Group with Francesco Dotta, Dale Greiner, Bart Roep, and Matthias von Herrath as Discussants. The purpose of this webinar was to discuss ‘T cells as pathogenic effectors in human type 1 diabetes: what do we know and what do we think we know?’ in an open format for the Working Group to discuss the outstanding questions and current understanding of T cell repertoire and function in human T1D.

This was a lively and informative discussion. We plan to address additional questions in T1D autoimmunity with this webinar format.

Please look for emails and announcements about future T1D BBQs!

Want to learn more?

Contact Monica Novak if you would like to view the webinar recording or if you have any questions regarding the topic.

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