nPOD Omics Working Group

As the nPOD sample repository grows and valuable samples are depleted in the quest to understand the pathogenesis and pathology of Type 1 diabetes, there is a growing need to establish standardized ‘omics data for each precious sample. To realize this goal, the nPOD “omics” group was created, with the following five subgroups to address each of the current areas of ‘omics research: genomics, gene expression, epigenetics, proteomics, and metagenomics.

Led by experts in the field, each subgroup will discuss and propose suitable methods for generating sets of standardized data that can be easily replicated and maintained as new samples are acquired. This will ensure that the most critical data are extracted from precious samples before they are consumed. As the data sets are collected, the ‘omics group will create a central repository for data and address the issue of data integration. The centralization of ‘omics data collection and storage will ensure unrestricted sharing of unbiased data among the research community. The ultimate goal of this group is to provide integrated sets of ‘omics’ data that will allow T1D investigators to formulate targeted questions and devise more accurate preliminary models of disease mechanisms.

Any investigators interested in joining the nPOD ‘omics group should contact Linda Yip and copy Mingder Yang and Alberto Pugliese.

nPOD Omics Workgroups

Genomics Gene Expression Epigenetics Proteomics Metagenetics/ Microbiome Data Repository
Stephen Rich Garry Fathman

Linda Yip
Alexander Marson Margaret Morris Joe Petrosino John Kaddis
Pat Concannon Ivan Gerling Anil Bhushan Julius Nyalwidhe    
Harry Nick Harry Nick Mark Anderson Jerry Nadler    
Michael Stitzel Martha Campbell-Thompson Michael Stitzel Joe Petrosino    
Grant Morahan Pat Concannon Todd Brusko      
Stephan Parker Keiichi Kodama Stephan Parker      
Janelle Noble Michael Stitzel Corrado Cilio      
Joe Petrosino Stephan Parker Janelle Noble      
Clayton Matthews Francesco Dotta Joe Petrosino      
  Janelle Noble David Leslie      
  Joe Petrosino        
  Clayton Mathews        
  Alberto Pugliese        

*Group leaders are highlighted in yellow.