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Sarkar SA, Lee CE, Victorino F, Nguyen TT, Walters JA, Burrack A, Eberlein J, Hildemann SK, Homann D. (2012) Expression and regulation of chemokines in murine and human type 1 diabetes. Diabetes. 2012 Feb;61(2):436-46. doi: 10.2337/db11-0853. Epub 2011 Dec 30.

Evanko SP, Potter-Perigo S, Bollyky PL, Nepom GT, Wight TN. (2012). Hyaluronan and versican in the control of human T-lymphocyte adhesion and migration. Matrix Biol., 31(2):90-100.

Freeby M, Ichise M, Harris PE. (2012). Vesicular monoamine transporter, type 2 (vmat2) expression as it compares to insulin and pancreatic polypeptide in the head, body and tail of the human pancreas. Islets., 4(6):393-397.

Bollyky, P.L., Bogdani, M., Bollyky, J.B., Hull, R.L., Wight, T.N. (2012). The role of hyaluronan and the extracellular matrix in islet inflammation and immune regulation. Curr Diab Rep., 12(5):471-80.

Campbell-Thompson, M., Wasserfall, C., Montgomery, E.L.,Atkinson, M.A., Kaddis, J.S. (2012). Pancreas Organ Weight in Individuals With Disease-Associated Autoantibodies at Risk for Type 1 Diabetes. JAMA, 308(22):2337-2339.

Korpos E, Kadri N, Kappelhoff R, Wegner J, Overall CM, Weber E, Holmberg D, Cardell S, Sorokin L. (2012) The Peri-islet Basement Membrane, a Barrier to Infiltrating Leukocytes in Type 1 Diabetes in Mouse and Human. Diabetes, Nov 8. Epub ahead of print.

Yip, L., Creusot, R.J., Pager, C.T., Sarnow,P., Fathman, C.G. (2012). Reduced DEAF1 function during type 1 diabetes inhibits translation in lymph node stromal cells by suppressing Eif4g3. J Mol Cell Biol, Epub ahead of print.

Taylor, K., Hyöty, H., Toniolo, A., & Zuckerman, A. J. (Eds.). (2012). Diabetes and Viruses. Springer.

Brehm MA, Powers AC, Shultz LD, Greiner DL. (2012). Advancing animal models of human type 1 diabetes by engraftment of functional human tissues in immunodeficient mice. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med. 2012 May;2(5):a007757. doi: 10.1101/cshperspect.a007757.

Gregg, B. E., Moore, P. C., Demozay, D., Hall, B. A., Li, M., Husain, A., Wright, A. J., Atkinson, M. A., Rhodes, C. J. (2012). Formation of a human ß-cell population within pancreatic islets is set early in life. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 97(9), 3197-3206.

Marhfour, I., Lopez, X. M., Lefkaditis, D., Salmon, I., Allagnat, F., Richardson, S. J., Morgan, N. G., Eizirik, D. L. (2012). Expression of endoplasmic reticulum stress markers in the islets of patients with type 1 diabetes. Diabetologia, 55(9), 2417-2420.

Campbell-Thompson, M., Montgomery, E., Foss, R., Kolheffer, K., Phipps, G., Schneider, L., Atkinson, M. (2012). Collection protocol for human pancreas. Journal of Visual Experiments, 63, video article.

Campbell-Thompson, M., Heiple, T., Montgomery, E., Zhang, L., Schneider, L. (2012). Staining protocols for human pancreatic islets. Journal of Visual Experiments, 63, video article.

Campbell-Thompson, M., Wasserfall, C., Kaddis, J., Albanese-O’Neill, A., Staeva, T., Nierras, C., Moraski, J., Rowe, P., Gianani, R., Eisenbarth, G., Crawford, J., Schatz, D., Pugliese, A., Atkinson, M. (2012). Network for pancreatic organ donors with diabetes (nPOD): Developing a tissue biobank for type 1 diabetes. Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews, 28.

Dai, C., Brissova, M., Hang, Y., Thompson, C., Poffenberger, G., Shostak, A., Chen, Z., Stein, R., & Powers, A. C. (2012). Islet-enriched gene expression and glucose-induced insulin secretion in human and mouse islets. Diabetologia, 55(3): 707-18.

Coppieters, K. T., Dotta, F., Amirian, N., Campbell, P. D., Kay, T. W., Atkinson, M. A., Roep, B. O., & von Herrath, M. G. (2012). Demonstration of islet-autoreactive CD8 T cells in insulitic lesions from recent onset and long-term type 1 diabetes patients. J Exp Med., 209 (1):51-60.

LIAI Press Release (2012) — Matthias von Herrath and Ken Coppieters. To view this release, please click here for a web version and click here for a PDF version.

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Abstracts & Oral Presentations

Bonner-Weir, S. Keenan, H., Morris, B., Hastings, S., Turek, S., Sun, J. & King, G. (2012). 50-Year Medalist Study: Pattern of Insulin Positive Cells and its Correlation with C-peptide Levels and Age at Onset. American Diabetes Association 72nd Scientific Session.

Moraski, J., Retrum, C., Wright, A., Ball, S., Albanese-O’Neill, A. (2012). Making Research Meaningful: A Strategy to Engage OPOs. Oral Presentation at NATCO (The Organization for Transplant Professionals) 37th Annual Meeting.

Ball, S. (2012). Research: The “Stepchild” of Donation or Path to a Cure? NATCO (The Organization for Transplant Professionals) 37th Annual Meeting.

Ball, S., Moraski, J., Wright, A., Pugliese, A., Campbell-Thompson, M., Atkinson, M. (2012). When Research Goes Right – The Network for Pancreatic Organ Donors. Association of Organ Procurement Organizations 29th Annual Meeting.

Campbell-Thompson, M. (2012). Islet Inflammation in Diabets. 12th International Conference on the Immunology of Diabetes.

Rowe, P., Croker, B., Wasserfall, C., Campbell-Thompson, M., Schatz, D., & Atkinson, M. (2012). Pancreatic Complement Activation in Pancreata of Patients with or at Increased Risk for Type 1 Diabetes. American Diabetes Association 72nd Scientific Session.

Campbell-Thompson, M., Wasserfall, C., Kaddis, J., Rowe, P., Pugliese, A., Schatz, D., & Atkinson, M. (2012). Pancreatic Islet Phenotypes in Organ Donors with Increased ß-cell Proliferation Rates. Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology – Advances in Islet Biology.

There were 37 abtracts submitted for the 2012 nPOD Annual Meeting. Please visit the Annual Meeting webpage for more information on the meeting and the science that was presented. To view and search all nPOD meeting abstract submissions, please click here, where abstracts can be found and searched by title or by name (either senior author, presenter, or nPOD PI).

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