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Innate Immunity in Type 1 Diabetes in nPOD Donors

DATE: Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

TIME: 11:00am – 01:00pm EST

Download Meeting Recording: Dropbox link to view meeting recording

Discussion led by:  Alberto Pugliese, MD, Sally Kent, PhD, Hubert Tse, PhD, Bruce Verchere, PhD, Xiangwei Xiao, MD, PhD and Rachel Friedman, PhD

Last December, we held a stimulating webinar on the role of macrophages in type 1 diabetes. A number of people have since expressed interest on the topic, and it has been suggested to examine more broadly the contribution of the innate immune system to the pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes. Building on the above, we would like to organize a follow-up webinar discussion possibly leading to the organization of a collaborative working group. The group could conceive an experimental strategy for coordinated investigations of nPOD donors and apply innovative study methodologies.

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