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OPO and Recovery Workshop October 22-24, 2014

September 15, 2014 is the deadline to register for this event. Recovery partners are invited to attend the 5th annual OPO workshop October 22-24, 2014 at the University of Florida.
OPO Workshop attendeesThe Network for Pancreatic Organ Donors with Diabetes (nPOD) relies on research organ referrals from organ procurement organizations to advance the research of over 100 scientific investigators—the best in the field of type 1 diabetes research.

Goals of this workshop:

  • Provide a deeper understanding of nPOD’s type 1 diabetes research, and find ways that we can make referrals easier for YOU, our OPO and tissue program partners.
  • Increase donations to research and support CMS accreditation.

Please send your research director or one member of your clinical/recovery team that has yet to attend this workshop. We offer continued education credits for our sessions.


Schedule: The schedule for the October 22-24 meeting is found here.

Travel: We ask that every participant arrange their own travel to the Gainesville Regional Airport (GNV) with the hopes that you can attend events starting at 2 pm on October 22nd and staying through 9:30 am on October 24th. If you plan on driving, please let us know. Please forward the travel itinerary to nPOD, so we can pick you up and get you back to the airport.

Each OPO partner is responsible for booking and paying for transport to and from Gainesville, Florida. We will arrange and pay for ground transportation travel to and from the airport.

Hotel: We have a block of rooms at the downtown Hampton Inn in Gainesville. After you send in your registration, just follow this link to reserve your room. nPOD will pay for the hotel room for all attendees during the days of the conference. nPOD is not responsible for incidentals or room service.Room reservations must be made by September 15th

Food: All food is provided during the conference, and according to the rules of Southern Hospitality, we promise you won’t go hungry.

Kayaking: After a day of research-related discussion, we take the entire group kayaking on the Santa Fe River.

CEUs: The registration fee includes at least 6 CEUs each year for CPTC or CTBS.

For more information or to register for this program, please contact Jayne Moraski at

What are people saying?

“The workshop was incredible. I’ve already had a phone meeting to discuss how we can increase pancreas placement as well as other organs for research. I will be a happy participant in any such workshops in the future. I am hoping this will be a great launch point to increase our
research organ placement.” – Supervisor of Surgical Services and Advanced Practice at Southwest Transplant Alliance

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