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nPOD – Transplantation

Thanks to generous JDRF support, nPOD has recently established the nPOD-Transplantation (nPOD-T) program. Building on the nPOD infrastructure, nPOD-T will collect tissues (transplanted and native pancreas, peripancreatic lymph nodes, spleen and peripheral blood) from patients with T1D who received a pancreas or pancreas/kidney transplants. 

Specifically, nPOD-T plans to:

  1. obtain donated organs/tissues from pancreas transplant recipients, post-mortem
  2. obtain biopsies of the transplanted pancreas and of the native pancreas, at the time of transplantation and/or on follow-up (in this case, based on reactivation of islet autoimmunity and or development of diabetes recurrence)
  3. obtain retrospective pathology specimens from pancreas transplant and native organ biopsies.

The nPOD-T program will involve transplant centers at the University of MiamiMinnesota and Indiana. Tissues from transplanted patients should help nPOD investigators addressing questions of islet autoimmunity and pancreas regeneration/remodeling in both the native and transplanted pancreas.  Expect updates as tissues becomes available in the near future.

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