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“Clinical Images” in Diabetes Care

Invitation to Submit Reviews of nPOD Cases in “Clinical Images” in Diabetes Care

In their July 2016 issue, Diabetes Care introduced a new manuscript category called “Clinical Images in Diabetes”. As described in the Editor’s Commentary, this series is intended to “provide modern pictorial views on the pathogenesis of diabetes or its complications, with the aim of linking the clinical course of diabetes and related pathologies with their underlying physiological mechanisms”. These “highly novel” clinical summaries are meant to focus on truly unique cases, which highlight such things as the variability and heterogeneity of diabetes. Detailed instructions on manuscript submission can be found in Section 5.5 of Diabetes Care Instructions for Authors.

We are honored that the first article in the “Clinical Images in Diabetes” series features a review of nPOD case #6196, as written by our own Dr. Laura Jacobsen: “Presumptive Type 1 Diabetes With Comorbidities and Rapid Progression Despite Numerous Insulin-Positive Islets”. Dr. Jacobsen recently presented on this and another pending “Clinical Images in Diabetes” article in a webinar which aired on July 26th, a recording of which can be viewed here.

We invite all nPOD Investigators to submit articles highlighting nPOD cases to the “Clinical Images” series in Diabetes Care. As always, we would like to offer our support to Investigators wishing to take advantage of this new opportunity, with the goal of minimizing duplicative efforts and increasing the likelihood of articles being accepted for publication. To that end, we ask that you formally notify us regarding your intent to review any nPOD cases in this new series. Any requests will be considered on a first come, first serve basis. We will be more than happy to assist with the selection of cases, verification of factual data, image selection, and more. Our goal in making this request is not to interfere (nPOD has always been open regarding publication of articles) but rather to avoid theoretically difficult situations where multiple groups may have interest in seeking publication of the same case.

For your reference, we will maintain an up-to-date list of those cases already under review by nPOD Investigators, as well as those that have been published (see below). If you are interested in submitting an article featuring an nPOD case to “Clinical Images in Diabetes”, or have any questions about this new series, or about nPOD cases already being reviewed for this series, please email nPOD Investigator Coordinator Joseph Pobee, at, for more information.

nPOD Cases Featured in “Clinical Images”

6195 – Pending
6196 – Published: July 2016
6263 – Published: September 2016
6310 – Pending
– Pending
6342 – Pending
6367 – Pending

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