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Availability of nPOD Cases for Assay Validation and Generation of Preliminary Data

March 12, 2014

TO: All investigators interested in studying nPOD specimens


SUBJECT: availability of retired cases for assay validation and generation of preliminary data

The JDRF nPOD has now several available cases that have been retired for distribution to research projects, but can be used for assay validation or generation of preliminary data. Reasonable amounts of materials can be requested. Please contact Dr. Irina Kusmartseva if you would like to order samples from these cases. These specimens are available to approved nPOD investigators and to investigators who do not yet have a project approved by nPOD. For example, such specimens could be used to validate an antibody stain in human pancreas, when the investigator has not yet examined human tissues. When requesting such tissues, please provide a short justification and specify quantities, again using the tissue request form is preferable.

Please note that we can only release specimens to investigators that provide a letter testifying IRB (Ethics approval) or exemption status for the use of specimens from deceased donors.

For more information about becoming an nPOD approved investigator, please visit our Apply to Join nPOD page.

Should you have questions, please contact nPOD OPPC Director Dr. Irina Kusmartseva.

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