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2012 nPOD Annual Meeting

Thank you to all who participated in the 2012 nPOD Annual Meeting. We are so grateful for the outstanding attendance and participation, which made this years meeting a success. Please see below for more information on the science that was presented on January 16th and 17th, 2012. Abstracst are listed below by title and are divided by category per the nPOD Annual Meeting agenda, there is also a .pdf full abstract available for each.

If you are an nPOD approved investigator and would like to view the distributable presentations from the meeting, please click here. (You will need a username and password to access these presentations.)

Special thanks to:

Thank you to the Viceroy hotel for making this year's nPOD meeting a truly unique, productive and successful event!



Most importantly, thank you to JDRF for your faithful support of the nPOD project and your presence at this year's meeting!

Abstracts presented at the 2012 nPOD Annual Meeting

To view and search all nPOD meeting abstracts, please click here, where abstracts can be found and searched by title or by name (either senior author, presenter, or nPOD PI).

Scientific abstracts are printed as submitted by the authors. No edits to content, spelling, or grammar have been made.

Viral Etiology

Detection of Enteroviruses in Tissue Samples of Cadaver Organ Donors with Type 1 Diabetes. PDF
Maarit Oikarinen, Sisko Tauriainen, Sami Oikarinen, Teppo Haapaniemi, Teemu Honkanen, and Heikki Hyöty

Detection of Enteroviral Proteins and Cellular Antiviral Responses in the Islets of Type 1 Diabetes Patients – A Comparative Analysis of Two Cohorts. PDF
Sarah Richardson, Shalinee Dhayal, Adrian J. Bone, Alan K. Foulis, and Noel G. Morgan

Different Species of Enteroviruses (EV) in Peripheral Blood Leukocytes (PBL) of Children at the Clinical Onset of Type 1 Diabetes. PDF
Antonio Toniolo, Andreina Baj, Martina Colombo, and Alessandro Salvatoni

MHC Class I on Pancreatic Islets from Longstanding Diabetes Patients: Persistent Hyperexpression is Restricted to Type 1 Diabetes and Does Not Correlate with Enteroviral Infection, Infiltration or Insulin Depletion. PDF
Ken T. Coppieters, Anna Wiberg, Natalie Amirian, Sally Kent, Thomas W. H. Kay, Peter D. Campbell, Mark Atkinson, Heikki Hyöty, Steven Tracy, and Matthias von Herrath

Examination of Human Pancreatic Tissue and Isolated Pancreatic Islets from Organ Donors with Diabetes-associated Autoantibodies. PDF
Oskar Skog, Monika Hodik, and Gun Frisk

Autoantigens, T Cells and TCRs: Human Disease-specific Therapeutic Targets

In-situ Detection of Islet Antigen-specific CD8 T Cells in Insulitic Lesions of New-onset and Long-term Type 1 Diabetes Patients. PDF
Ken T. Coppieters, Francesco Dotta, Natalie Amirian, Peter D. Campbell, Thomas W. H. Kay, Mark Atkinson, Bart O. Roep, and Matthias von Herrath

Identification of GAD65 and Proinsulin-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T Cells in Pancreatic Lymph Nodes, Spleen, and PBMC from Subjects with T1D and Islet Autoantibody Positivity. PDF
Bilanna Hwang and Helena Reijonen

454 Pyro-sequencing of T Cell Receptors Targeting Pancreatic Islets. PDF
Jessica Marn, Janet Siebert, Kenneth Lau, Hanan Ali, Howard Davidson, Peter Gottlieb, George S. Eisenbart1, Mark Atkinson, Joseph Larkin III, and Maki Nakayama

Monoclonal Expansions of TCR in a Diabetic Pancreas. PDF
Cristina Xufré, Carlos Martínez-Torró, Lorena Usero, Eduard Vico, Eloi Parladé, Eva Codina-Busqueta, Dolores Jaraquemada, Carme Roura-Mir, and Mercè Martí

Autoreactive B Cells from Spleen and Pancreatic Draining Lymph Nodes from Type 1 Diabetes Subjects. PDF
Alexis J. Torres, Elizabeth M. Bradshaw, Adebola O. Ogunniyi, David A. Hafler, J. Christopher Love, and Sally C. Kent

Enhancement of Treg-mediated Supression by NKT Cells in T1D. PDF
Lorena Usero, Cristina Xufré, Joan Verdaguer, Dolores Jaraquemada, Mercè Martí, and Carme Roura-Mir

Heterogeneity of Pancreas Pathology and Disease Mechanisms

Expression and Regulation of Chemokines in Human Islets and Type I Diabetes. PDF
Suparna Sarkar, Francisco Victorino, Tom T. Nguyen, Catherine E. Lee, Jay A. Walters, Adam Burrack, Jens Eberlein, and Dirk Homann

Loss of Beta Cell Heparan Sulfate and Expression of Heparanase by Insulitis Mononuclear Cells Correlates with Type 1 Diabetes in Human Pancreas Specimens. PDF
Lora Jensen, Andrew Ziolkowski, Sarah Popp, J. Dennis Wilson, Christopher Parish, and Charmaine Simeonovic

Specific Extracellular Matrix Components Accumulate in Islets and Lymphoid Tissues of Type 1 Diabetic Patients. PDF
Marika Bogdani, Susan Potter-Perigo, Paul L. Bollyky, Pamela Y. Johnson, Gerald T. Nepom, and Thomas N. Wight

Down Regulation of Glucokinase and Mitochondrial ATP Synthase in Islets from Type 1 Organ Donors. PDF
Yaima L. Lightfoot, Scott Grieshaber, Jason Wilhem, Li Zhang, Martha Campbell-Thompson, Desmond Schatz, Mark Atkinson, and Clayton E. Mathews

Complement Activation in Type 1 Diabetes: Analysis of Pancreatic Tissue from nPOD Cases. PDF
Patrick Rowe, Clive Wasserfall, Byron Croker, Martha Campbell-Thompson, Desmond Schatz, and Mark Atkinson

Adhesion Molecules on High Endothelial Venules of Pancreatic Lymph Nodes from Humans with Type 1 Diabetes. PDF
Elle Glueckert, Baohui Xu, and Sara Michie

Revelation of Altered Expression of B7-H4: Decrease in Type 1 Diabetes and Increase in Insulinoma. PDF
Susan S. C. Cheung, Dawei Ou, Daniel L. Metzger, Ziliang Ao, David Owen, and Garth L. Warnock

From Genetics to Gene Expression in nPOD Tissues

Disease-dependent and Tissue-specific Changes in Gene Expression in Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). PDF
Chan C. Whiting, Jill Schartner, and C. Garrison Fathman

Identification of Extra-thymic Aire-expressing Cells (eTACs) in Human Tissue and Comparison between Type-1 Diabetic and Non-diabetic Controls. PDF
Eileen J. McMahon, Todd C. Metzger, and Mark S. Anderson

ImmunoChip Data on nPOD Samples. PDF
Suna Onengut-Gumuscu, Wei-Min Chen, Patrick Concannon, and Stephen Rich

Characterizing Gene Expression in nPOD Donor Islets. PDF
Nataliya Lenchik and Ivan C. Gerling

Peripheral Blood Monocyte Gene Expression Profile and Pancreatic Monocyte Infiltration in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes. PDF
Xiaoyu An, Katharine Irvine, Andrew Cotterill, Mark Harris, and Ranjeny Thomas

Whole Genome Scale DNA Methylation Differences in Type 1 Diabetes Disease-related Cells. PDF
Huriya Beyan, V. Rakyan, D.J. Pennington, J. Peng, T. Down, and Richard David Leslie

Emerging Technologies and Novel Research Avenues

Feasibility of Flow Cytometric Analysis of nPOD Bone Marrow Specimens. PDF
Gaia Spinetti, Orazio Fortunato, and Paolo Madeddu

Flow Cytometric Immunophenotyping of nPOD Donors. PDF
Christopher Fuhrman, James Thompson, Howard Seay, and Todd Brusko

Development of T1D in Humanized Mice Engrafted with Tissues from Autoimmune Donors. PDF
Leonard D. Shultz, Michael A. Brehm, David Harlan, Abdulkadir Omer, Sally C. Kent, and Dale L. Greiner

Quantum Dot MHC Multimers. PDF
Joana R. Ferreira de Abreu and Bart O. Roep

The Role of IA-2 Extracellular Domain in Type 1 Diabetes Progression. PDF
Michael Morran, Les Satin, Roberto Townes, Joshua Pohlman, and Massimo Pietropaolo

In-situ Reduction Coupled with Imaging Mass Spectrometry as a Novel Method for T1D Biomarker Identification in nPOD Tissue Samples. PDF
Shamina M. Green-Mitchell, Lisa H. Cazares, Wojciech Grzesik, Margaret A. Morris, Julius O. Nyalwidhe, and Jerry L. Nadler

In Vitro Evaluation of Non-Specific Binding of the Candidate Beta Cell Mass PET Probe (+) 18F-FP-DTBZ. PDF
Antonella Maffei and Paul Harris

Pancreas and Beta Cell Biology

The Pancreatic Duct Gland Compartment in Non-Diabetic and Type 1 Diabetic Subjects. PDF
Alexandra E. Butler, Belinda Gier, Mark Atkinson, and Peter C. Butler

Formation of a Baseline Pancreatic β-cell Mass in Humans is Completed Early in Life. PDF
Brigid Gregg, Damien Demozay, Patrick C. Moore, Mei Li, Aliya Husain, and Christopher J. Rhodes

β-cells Persist in Some T1DM Pancreata without Attempted Evidence of β-cell Turnover nor Insulin-Glucagon Co-expression. PDF
Daniel R. Jacobson, Mathew M. Rankin, Changhong Li, Alisa B. Schiffman, and Jake A. Kushner

Cytoplasmic-Nuclear Trafficking of G1/S Cell Cycle Molecules: A Novel and Critical Regulatory Mechanism Controlling Adult Human Beta Cell Replication. PDF
Nathalie Fiaschi-Taesch, Fatimah Salim, Jeffrey Kleinberger, Ronnie Troxell, Amy Cox, Harish Shrinivas, Don Scott, Karen Takane, and Andrew Stewart

Residual Beta Cells in Autoimmune Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. PDF
Roberto Gianani, Martha Campbell-Thompson, Matthew Maulis, Clive Wasserfall, Mark Atkinson, Alberto Pugliese, and Susan Bonner-Weir

Case Processing

nPOD Case Processing. PDF
Emily Montgomery, Irina Kusmartseva, Maria Martino, Li Zhang, Lynda Schneider, Robin Foss, Gerald Phipps, Kerwin Kolheffer, and Martha Campbell-Thompson